Recycle tires and metals

Call us now to get pick-up for heavier items. We will conveniently haul any mixture of the variety of items that we recycle. By recycling, you're ensuring that less resources are spent on creating and mitigating new items and waste.


If you have old tires that are no longer of any use to you, then you should bring them to us. Rubber will not break down quickly in a landfill, and your trash pick-up will not appreciate it if you try to leave it for them. For passenger and light truck tires, you will pay the low fee of $5 for each tire, on or off rim. If you have tires sized for large trucks or semis, then it's a $10 fee for each tire, on or off rim. Large tractor tires are $50. You can bring in all metals free of charge. This includes steel, copper, aluminum, and brass. You can also bring in wire, cans, and electric motors. There are many other metal items you can bring in too. Just call us with your questions. Propane tanks are a $5 charge each.


If you have an old bike, then feel free to bring it in. It doesn't matter how badly damaged it is. We'll recycle it for you. You can even recycle a wide variety of medical equipment and electronics. So long as it contains no biohazard wastes, we'll properly dispose of it for you.

Low fee

Recycle anything and everything

Recycle metals and cardboard for FREE. Tires go at a low price based on size.

No matter how much waste you have, you can bring it to us. Most items are free with drop off. BULK RATES are available for commercial accounts.

Properly dispose of your waste

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