Drop off appliances big and small

If you have a large freon appliance that has no ammonia in it, then drop it off for a $10 charge each. This includes refrigerators and freezers.


Small freon appliances like window AC units, water coolers and dehumidifiers are $15 each. Feel free to call for pick up.


We also accept non-freon items. These must also contain no ammonia. Feel free to drop off washers, dryers, water heaters, dishwashers, stoves, and microwaves. These are all a $5-10 charge. If you want help with these heavier appliances, you can always pay for pick-up. We'll come get it when you need us. It is our goal to conveniently remove these objects from your property. They need to be recycled. You should not throw away these items. The parts can be reused in future appliances. Note that we are not currently accepting items containing ammonia. However, we do accept smaller appliances, including coffee makers, waffle makers, blenders, tea pots, mixers, and more. These are $5 for the first item or $10 for unlimited items with drop off.


If you have medical electronics or equipment that you need to recycle, then you can drop them off with us. Please do not drop off items containing bio hazard waste. We will not accept them. We can properly dispose of medical electronics, so call us today. If you have items not listed here, we can probably

handle them.


Properly dispose of recyclables

If you have a business or commercial account, then call us now for BULK RATES.


Attn: Due to the rapid changes in the metals recycling market we have changed to a $5-15 per appliance charge as of Sept. 1 2015. We hope to return to our free recycling once the markets return to normal.

Thank you to our customers for your ongoing support during this time.

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