A history of large projects and hard work

We started recycling in 2005 after looking for a product that wasn't being recycled. We found out that mobile homes were often languishing without occupants. We joined up with a demolition team and started recycling these.


The demo team took apart wood, insulation, and the like. We'd remove wiring, plumbing, aluminum siding, skirting, steel frame, tires, and other appliances. We still recycle many of these same items today. By 2008, we'd expanded to things like old BBQs and lawn mowers. So, we needed a shop. By that Fall, we wanted to do more of our recycling in house, so we sought a building. A spot at the Waldoch Conversion Center opened up and the Columbus city council approved our business. We give great thanks to Don Waldoch and his family. We were then approved for a VSQG Hazardous Waste Generator ID, so we can handle items containing oil and other hazardous wastes. In 2009, we were licensed for collecting and recycling electronics.


That same year, we got our Refrigerant Recovery Certification, so we can remove appliances containing freon. We are now able to recycle most household appliances and electronics. We have made recycling events happen in Oak Groves, the City of Columbus, Lino Lakes, and East Bethel. We've also expanded our store quite a bit lately. We look forward to serving you.


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We are a local business that has come a long way in providing the best one stop service for recycling.

Before recycling, I was an Eagle Scout from Troop 186. There I learned to always leave an area better off than when I arrived. See the rest of our business' history below.

Company history

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