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Do you need a recycling day where you live? If you're in an apartment complex, mobile home park, office building, or a neighborhood that needs a recycling day, then let us know. We love to help our local area.


If you're near East Bethel and can put out 15 yards worth of stuff for our roll off, then ask us to come pick it up. The pick-up charge is waived. You will only have to pay for drop off rates. Our roll off must be able to access the area in which you place these items. The items must be ready to go. If you need help loading, then we can help. However, if it takes more than an hour to load the items then the pick-up charge will not be waived. There will also be an additional charge of $30 per hour every hour after the first. If you can't wrangle enough stuff to recycle, then try getting some of your neighbors to join in. Everyone should recycle, especially when it comes to appliances and electronics that aren't supposed to go in the trash.



We have worked with Lino Lakes, East Bethel, and Columbus for quick and convenient recycling days. We've done curbside pick- up recycling where each house signed up with the items it wanted recycled and their address. Keep your city clean with the recycling it needs.


Clean up your city with our help

Set up a convenient recycling day for your city or neighborhood. Get roll off services.

Keep track of our new offers and events. In the past, we've recycled several tons of electronics in Lino Lakes and the city of Columbus on recycling days.

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May 1st 2010 City of Lino Lakes Spring recycling day.


Freimuth Enterprises LLC recycled over 6 and 1/2 tons of electronics for the residents of Lino Lakes MN. The event brought in more electronics than expected and I look forward to working with the city of Lino Lakes and its residents in the future.


Not only for their electronics recycling needs but also with their appliance and equipment recycling needs as well.


September 27th 2010 City of Columbus fall recycling pickup day.


Freimuth Enterprises LLC did curbside pickup for the city of Columbus residents. Working with Emmy Robinson at the city to have residents call in with a list of items they needed picked up along with their address. Freimuth Enterprises LLC then stopped at people's homes and picked up and recycled their items.


April 16th 2011 City of East Bethel spring recycling day


Will be held at the East Bethel ice arena. Freimuth Enterprises LLC will be handling the appliance, electronics, and tire recycling. We will also have roll offs there for the recycling of misc steel.


May 7th 2011 Lino Lakes spring recycling day.


We are working with Lisa Hogstad to do the Lino Lakes recycling day(s) again this year. Freimuth Enterprises may also be handling the appliance recycling along with the electronics recycling.