Get a low rate for household garage items

If you have a large collection of yard equipment in your garage, and it needs to go now, then get proper disposal.


Only $5 small yard equipment recycling. We can take care of large items, even tractors for $10. Recycle push mowers, weed whips, tillers, edgers, drills, and so much more. Give us your broken items. You can bring in small tools, such as clippers, weed whips, and welders. Bring in air compressors and heaters too. These items are all $5 when dropped off at our location. There is an additional cost for tire disposal. There are many other items not listed here that we can also take care of. Call us now to learn if we can recycle your parts. You can also bring in old bikes. Ask us about pricing for drop off or pick-up. We'll take a look at just about anything in your garage and offer low rates for all of it. Be responsible; recycle.


You can always bring in medical electronics and equipment so long as it contains no biohazard wastes. Call to learn about what we can recycle. We can properly dispose of most items. Bring in defibrillators, autoclaves, oxygen monitors, microscopes, UV meters, or electrocardiographs.


Recycle anything at a low price

Bring in tractors and yard equipment. We'll accept small tools and push mowers.

All of our fees are for drop off only. It is our pleasure to help you and the community. We turn today's trash into tomorrow's future.

Low equipment recycling fees

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