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Recycle TVs, computer accessories, and more

We'll recycle your television! If you have a CRT or LCD screen on your TV, then bring it to us. Screens up to 20 inches are $20 each. TV's over 20 inches but under 30 are $30 each. TVs over 30 inches are $40 each. Wood consoles and projection TVs are also only $50 each.


Computer monitors of any size are a mere $15 fee each.


You can also drop off a wide variety of other electronics $5 for 1 small item or $10 for up to 100 lbs small items, including most computer parts and accessories. Drop off keyboards, printers, fax machines, and copiers. Large items are $10 for 1 or $20 for up to 200 lbs. If you're junking an old computer, then don't leave its heavy metals in a landfill. We accept computer towers, disk drives, circuit boards, hard drives, and all forms of computer wiring. Bring in everything from your desk. We'll take DVD players, CD players, and toys. We can even properly dispose of cell phones, clocks, and lithium batteries. All of these can be recycled. Do you have a large quantity of items that you need to get rid of? We offer BULK RATES for commercial accounts. Call us today.




Strip down an old computer

If you need convenient pick up of your items, then call now. We can move most items.

Many of our items are free to drop off. Any prices listed below are in addition to pick- up charges.

Low costs for all items

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